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Mission Statement:
“To Promote awareness and education in the motorcycle community to improve rider safety.
To educate non-riders globally in the interest of all riders’ safety.”

Participate in the 22nd Annual Motorcycle & Scooter Ride to Work Day, every June.

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Donate to the Young Activist Scholarship

Motorcycle Riders Foundation Awareness & Education (MRFA&E) was established to promote motorcycle awareness and education due to an ever-increasing rider population creating a greater need. Motorcycle riders and activists have long recognized that motorcycle rider education and awareness are crucial in enhancing rider safety. No one is more concerned with rider safety than riders themselves, and obviously those best suited to educate newer riders are veteran riders. In addition, there are extremely successful and beneficial programs already in place that are willing to share their expertise and materials with others.

To achieve the mission of the MRFA&E, a database has been created on the MRFA&E website ( that includes the following:

1. Links to motorcycle safety programs and rider education courses that are currently offered and promoted around the country by State Motorcyclists’ Rights Organizations (SMROs) and other qualified organizations. This listing assists new riders in quickly and easily finding locations and information regarding local rider training programs.
2. Links to motorcycle awareness audio and video materials shared by SMROs and other knowledgeable organizations. Motorcycle awareness programs include those that educate non-riders in interacting with motorcyclists on the roadways.

Ways that you can you help the MRFA&E
through tax-deductible donations:

1. Contributions by Individuals, Organizations, and Businesses.
We encourage you to contact your employer to determine if they have a matching gifts program to help make your donation go further. Many companies encourage employees to donate to their favorite charities by matching their contributions, sometimes dollar-for-dollar or more. Simply request a matching gift form from your employer, and send it completed and signed with your donation.
2. Contributions to the Young Activitist Scholarship Fund.
MRFA&E has created a Young Activist Scholarship Fund (YASF). It is no secret that there is an increased need to encourage younger motorcyclists to get involved in motorcycle safety and awareness programs. To that end, MRFA&E created the YASF to recognize deserving and promising candidates between the ages of 18 and 30 years old. Eligible candidates may receive a scholarship to attend MRFA&E educational programs held at the Motorcycle Riders Foundation’s annual Meeting of the Minds conference.
3. Honor and Memorial Donations.
What better way to keep a motorcyclist’s memory alive than to make a donation in his/her memory to promote motorcycle safety and awareness?
4. Legacy Program.
The Legacy Program allows you to integrate your generosity with your overall financial, tax and estate planning goals to maximize benefits for both you and the MRFA&E. When you make a future or planned gift to the MRFA&E, you really are funding the future of motorcycle safety and awareness.

Making Legacy Program donations can be as simple as naming the MRFA&E as a full or partial beneficiary of an insurance policy, will, estate or trust.

MRF A&E 3R's Presentation

This presentation addresses the subject of Impaired Riding on a personal level. It says to the audience "I love riding with you, your friendship is important in my life, I don't want to ride in your funeral procession". By Being Responsible to yourself, Riding Responsibly when you are alone or in a group and Taking Responsibility for your actions we can successfully start reducing fatalities due to impaired riding. This program was developed as a power point presentation that you can present to your group or organization. The power point disk is available by contacting Wayne Wierson. and asking for a copy. While the program is free for the asking, we hope you would consider donating $15 per disk to help offset the cost of postage and disk duplication.

"I was impressed by the 3Rs program and would recommend its use to raise awareness of the dangers of operating a motorcycle under the influence of alcohol.
Sergeant Steve Jarrett
Alabama Department of Public Safety
Public Information/Education Unit
Administrative Division

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The MRFA&E is a 501(c)3 Corporation and all donations are tax-deductible







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