Legacy Program – In Memory
Donations made in loving memory of individuals who loved motorcycling and believed in motorcycle safety, awareness and education

  • Michael “Boz” Kerr
  • James M. Curran
  • Jesi and Frank Stewart
  • Ryan Braaksma
  • Larry Craig Bonds
  • Mark Anthony Mizzoni
  • Jason “Jay” D Cray
  • Miguel Eduardo Lavagnino Leon
  • Edward DeFilippo
  • Glen Allan McDowell
  • Chris Burcham
  • Adam “Woody” Woodard
  • Jake Scott
  • Richard Colabelli
  • Jonathan Wesley Wright
  • Joe Rebello
  • Cody Anthony Miguel
  • J. Nelson Kling
  • Joshua Q. Trapane
  • Troy Harmon
  • Joe and Michelle Roberts
  • Kristopher Wayne Stroman
  • Suzanne Weston
  • Jim “Whisky” Leydon
The MRFA&E is a 501(c)3 Corporation and all donations are tax-deductible